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Trauma Informed Support Options

" This was the best professional development I've attended in 32 years of teaching!"

- Seasoned High School Teacher

"When can you come back?
My staff haven't stopped asking for more."

- Elementary Principal

"This did an incredible job of explaining hard topics, like neuroscience, in a way that made them really accessible."

- Elementary Teacher

"This was the best PD I've ever attended."

- Early Childhood Teacher

"No one every gets to the real strategies. You get it.
You've been there.
You help us know what to do.

- Middle School Teacher


Services available

for counties, districts, individual schools, teams,

or for particular students.


Churches, religious non-profits, children's ministries, foster/adopt programs, etc. are frequently served.

Foster Care & Adoption

Think Child Welfare, Foster Care or Adoption Agencies and the Caregivers Involved with these Kids.

Want a Fee Estimate?

Interested in what services might look like or cost? Send us a message below or email us directly at

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