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Parent Consultation

Parenting can be difficult at any time, but parenting kids with tricky pasts or who are neurodivergent can be particularly difficult. A parent consultation can be scheduled for one or two times to provide an option for insight and direction. These can be provided in person or virtually.

What do these look like? If you have previous records, we will help you arrange to have those provided to review prior to your appointment. We will also help you to identify what your goals for our time together are. When we meet, you can share about your experience and struggles and we may offer professional guidance, insights, psychoeducation, resource ideas, and treatment suggestions for your area.

These consultations can also be scheduled with your current mental health clinician to provide some additional insight into your child's treatment or with your child's educational team for support in the school environment.

While therapeutic services can only be provided for individuals for families in either Michigan or Arkansas, parent consultations are available to anyone.

Brushing Teeth

"I feel like you just nailed
who our child is,
and it simultaneously makes me
want to cry and breathe
a sigh of relief."

- Foster/Adoptive Parent

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